1977 Hercules "Prototype" 250MX
These are photos of the bike after arriving at Mike McGowan's shop in California.
Danny Turner on the bike getting
ready for a practice ride.
The bike as found and ridden by Dave Baskins.
The bike was in exceptional shape, missing only a few of the original parts.
Restoration Begins
The airbox is hand formed aluminum. Standard Bing Carburetor.
The cylinder fins are a full two inches narrower than the GS model.  This bike has the seven speed transmission though Mike said they did
experiment with blocking out two gears to make it a five speed.
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Completed Motor
Tank is prepped for paint
Frame primmed and ready for paint
Misc. parts ready for mounting
Pipe is prepped for repair, bed blasting
and paint
Assembly begins....the paint was matched to fresh paint found on the underside of the fuel tank.  Side panels are hand pounded in aluminum
to match the original panels.
Freshly painted tank and handle bars are mounted with correct hardware.  The seat pan is being reconstructed from the remains of the original
seat pan which was done in aluminum.
The front wheel gets mounted a week later.  Most of the original hardware and equipment is restored and returned to the bike.
Two weeks later and the rear wheel is mounted.
The bike is beginning to take shape....It is now week 11 after disassembly began
The pipe and correct silencer are mounted
Tank graphics have been restored.
Seat pan is almost complete
Hercules Brochure
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Danny Turner's National Number Assigned #24