Torsten Hallman
Olle Petterson, Vlastimil Valek and Torsten Hallman at the 1964 Spanish Grand Prix
Torsten Hallman a four time motocross World Champion. Throughout
his long and illustrious career, Torsten always worked hard to portray
the sport in a favorable light and  was instrumental in introducing
motocross to the United States in the late 1960s.

In the early 1960s, Swedish riders such as Bill Nilsson, Rolf Tibblin
and Sten Lundin dominated the sport of motocross. Perhaps one
of the best Swedish riders, Hallman competed in the 250cc
motocross Grand Prix world championships. He would win 37
Grand Prix victories and the 250cc motocross world title four times
for the Swedish Husqvarna factory. His battles with Belgium’s Joël Robert were considered
some of the best in the history of the championships.

After his racing career, he began to sell motocross pants and gloves at the races to help
supplement his income. This eventually led to the formation of Thor (Torsten Hallman Original
Racewear). Thor grew to become one of the leading off-road racing apparel companies in the
world.  In 2000, Hallman was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle

The following photos are from Torsten's personal collection.  We hope to continue to add to this
folder so please check back regularly
Works CZ's at the 1964 Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona
Torsten's works Husqvarna at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona
Factory Greeves at the Spanish Gran Prix in 1964.
1964 Spanish Grand Prix...Torsten on the top podium...familar sight, second to the right is Don Rickman a
Bultaco rider and John Griffiths from England riding on a Greeves
"Banana Frame" CZ
Czech Riders: Karel Pilař,Vlastimil Válek,Petr Dobrý.
Arne Kring, Torsten Hallman and Bengt Aberg
Dave Bickers (1st) and Torsten Hallman (2nd) at
the Spanish GP
Husqvarna's first ever Motocross brochure
First USA brochure for Torsten  Hallman
Racing pants
Holice GP in 1963.  Jan Johansson,  Valstimil Velek and Torsten Hallman
Joel Robert chasing Torsten Hallman at the Holice GP
Joel now leads Torsten
Torsten out in front at the Motocross Des Nations in
1963 on a new HVA 420
Kulla TV-cross
Torsten leading the Motocross Des Nations held in France in 1966
Publicity photo....
Hallman and Robert battling in Italy in 1967
Starting line at Hopetown in 1966
Motocross Des Nations, 1967 winning Swedish Team!
Torsten DNF's in Barcelona, 1962.  Smith and Lampkin win
1967 Finland GP. Olle Pettersson wins while
Torsten scores a kiss...
Torsten training during the winter...
Swedish Championships.....Torsten is out in front, again!
Torsten in Moscow, 1963.  The Lenin Stadium is in the background
First victories in the USAin 1966.  Malcom Smith 250cc,
Torsten Hallman 500cc here with Edison Dye
Travelling over the Alps in 1960....